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To understand, protect and enhance the Little Campbell River and its watershed and to foster community stewardship.


The Little Campbell Watershed Society focuses on activities to preserve, enhance and restore fish, wildlife, water resources and green space within the Little Campbell River Watershed.  Local residents meet the 4th Thursday of February, April, June, September and November at 7 pm.  Meeting locations are changing due to COVID so please contact us if you would like to join.

The LCWS conducts their stewardship activities in unceded Coast Salish territory.

Volunteers with the LCWS and our partner organizations participate in activities like:

  • Riparian Enhancement

  • Educational Events and Programs

  • Community Mapping and Surveys

  • Water Quality Sampling

  • Invertebrate Sampling

  • Fish Releases

  • Review development proposals in the watershed and submit concerns to the City of Surrey and Township of Langley planning

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Understand. Protect. Enhance.

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The Little Campbell River and its tributaries flow through five jurisdictions, is over 30 km long and drains 74km2 into Semiahmoo Bay and the Boundary Bay system.

Crucial habitats include:  Salmon spawning areas, important wetlands, old field habitat, coastal Douglas-fir woodlands, floodplain, estuary, and saltmarsh.

In the SENĆOŦEN language of the Semiahmoo First Nation the name of  the river is TAT-A-LU .


The diversity of the Little Campbell River watershed makes it ideal habitat for hundreds of species of plants and animals.

  • Species at Risk:  Green and Great blue heron, Pacific water shrew, Oregon spotted and Red legged frogs, Salish sucker and Anise swallowtail. 

  • Wild salmonid species:  Coho, Chinook, Chum, and Steelhead salmon, and Cutthroat trout. 

  • Other wildlife:  beaver, mink, coyote, raccoon, deer,  salamanders, river otter, Townsends chipmunk, garter snakes and numerous bird species. 

  • Rare plant species:  Northern rice root, False pimpernel, and Henderson’s checkermallow and more.


Please sign the petition


The City of Surrey is trying to fast track the rezoning of 600 acres in South Surrey from 'rural' to 'employment' (read: industrial). These lands include the Little Campbell/Tatalu River (home to five species of salmon) and surrounding sensitive habitat that supports a myriad of highly threatened species and special wildlife. The Little Campbell flows through Semiamhoo First Nations lands and into Semiamhoo/Boundary Bay, an internationally designated Important Bird Area.

It is CRITICAL that we let Mayor Doug Mccallum and Surrey City Council know that we care about the conservation and health of the Little Campbell River, Semiahmoo Bay, and Surrey's Hazelmere area.

Please sign this petition before the City Council meeting on July 12th to show that you DO NOT SUPPORT:

1. The change in land designation away from Rural

2. The extension of Metro Vancouver's Urban Containment Boundary south of 20th Ave (which the whole concept depends upon)

3. The erosion of protection of important conservation areas and forests 

4. The rationale that there is 'urgent' need for employment lands that are commercial/industrial (Campbell Heights to the north is 2000 acres of such designation, and large enough. Furthermore, there are other areas in Surrey that aren't on a Class A river and are not as environmentally important). There are also multiple employment options available within the existing rural Ag A-1 zoning (agriculture, education, conservation, therapeutic, just to name a few).  


Petition · Surrey City Council: Save Wildlife Habitat in Surrey, BC ·

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Thank you for your interest in the Little Campbell Watershed Society.

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